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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Let’s get going!
We need to take care of our health, and specifically in our youth. When we are in a young age we start to mature and to grow, physically and mentally. In this era we start to choose our lifestyle and start to make our own choices. We take the most important decisions in our youth, which affects the rest of our lives. The Danish youth are getting more and more careless each day. Everyday a young girl or boy becomes a victim of a disease. The reason behind this is that, a large part of the youngsters choose an unhealthy lifestyle. Mostly their unhealthy lifestyle is monopolized by smoking and consuming of excessive amount of alcohol and no exercise at all. There can be many different reasons for this to happen, but one of them is the electronic elements which are obstacles between us and the healthy lifestyle. Danish diet habits

In general the diet of the Danish population is filled with too much of fat, and less with carbohydrates as compared to the recommended energy distribution. Even if we replaced the unhealthy fat filled food with fruits and vegetables, we also have the consummation of the double amount of alcohol in our youth. Alcohol includes 30 kilojoules pr. gram, so alcohol combined with obesity is not a good combination for our health. Even worse, alcohol is water forming, it gets dangerous if you reach more than 3 objects in a day. People who are used to unhealthy food are usually also bad at exercise, and they smoke more than they are allowed to. A big part of the Danish population therefore lives with a big risk of getting diabetes and heart problems. If you’re going through a hard time and you’re finding it difficult leaving your unhealthy lifestyle you can get some help, and try to follow the eight rules of a healthy lifestyle. 1. Eat six fruits or vegetables within a day

2. Eat fish more than once a week
3. Eat potatoes, rise, and pasta or eat wholemeal bread each day. 4. Eat less of sugar, specially form...
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