Let's Find a Solution for Animal Overcrowding

Topics: Humane society, The Animals, Suffering Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: February 4, 2011
Let’s Find a Solution for Animal Overcrowding

The overcrowding of animals in shelters has become a very important issued here in the United States. Every year thousands of thousands of animals are either abandoned or are missing from their home. This is a result of many occurrences that have been affecting our society in the passing years. For instance, the economic crisis that affected not only the U.S but also the entire world had a huge impact on the number of people who had to give up their pets due to the reduction of space of their new homes or simply because they couldn’t afford to feed their pets. Also the irresponsibility of so many people over breeding their animals and when presenting the problem of not having enough resources to sustain them they had get rid of them. At the same time people not using the correct way of protecting their pets with the consequence of them getting lost and homeless.

Consequently, this has become a huge problem for some shelters because it has become increasingly expensive to take care of all this animals. The Humane Society is a non-profit organization that shelter animals without a home. They put 600$ into each animal that the take care of, and they have around 4-5 million of cats and dogs alone. Which sometimes some shelters have to euthanize some of this animals because of lack of space, food or help to take care of these animals. Luckily, They rely primarily on volunteers, such as me, who spent a little of their free time to come an help out or just by people donating a little percentage of their income to help them provide these animals with the help the need. Moreover, this organization also relies on foster parents for animals. Fostering is another way to decrease the overcrowding in different shelters that have this alternative for animals to find a better environment to live.

The Humane Society and other self giving organization could be seriously be affected by the animals overcrowding problem we...
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