Let's Be Lefties for a Day

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Corporations must develop a plan to develop their employees to embrace cultural competency and value diversity. Promoting to understand cultural, ethnic and gender difference requires awareness and being sensitive to others needs in the workplace or patient population served in an organization. Employees should be culturally knowledgeable and be able to interpret the needs and disparities of a particular group or culture. Being able to interpret the health and disparities are keys elements to understand the health care practice. Health care organizations should encourage and promote individuals to engage cross culturally with other diverse backgrounds. Health care providers should be aware of selfcare remedies practices and health traditions of groups served in the clinic or hospital setting. To a be viewed as culturally competent the provider of care should possess the ability to integrate the skills, attitude and knowledge learned of other ethnic backgrounds. Applying the knowledge received is a strategic effort in respecting the cultural difference of others. Avoiding ethnocentric responses to care of the individual patient is a positive reaction of a culturally competent person. Keeping in mind that each patient is culturally unique. Cultural competence should address and accept gender difference among employees, health care team, patients, families, providers and the community. As a population we are diverse in many dimensions including diversity as being recognizable when it comes to gender, religion, race, weight, age, education, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, marital status, physical clothing appearance and job relevant abilities.

Identifying potential similarities and differences of an organization or a community can help one to deliver competent service or promote relevant team building. In healthcare one example of a guide to assist in transforming is Transcultural Communication in Nursing (Munoz & Luckman , 2005)....
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