Lessons Learnt from the Holocaust

Topics: Nazi Germany, Antisemitism, Germany Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The Holocaust’s Life Long Lessons
The Holocaust and the Diaries of Anne Frank have left an everlasting impression on my mind and have also taught me how to value life in all its entity.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt from the Holocaust is that one should plan ahead and also have a back up plan ready to fallback on. In 2007, planning is relevant in many ways. For instance, when you need to escape a building, which is on fire, you need an escape route and this needs to be planned in advance. Another example is that we all keep a track of out test dates and what we have to do in our personal or family calendar. In the Diaries of Anne Frank, when Hitler and the Nazi attacked, the Frank family fled to Holland. The Franks went into hiding in the secret annex. They had to plan ahead and buy food. The only disadvantage of living in the annex was that if the Nazis came and found them there, the Frank family would have no escape route or plan to act upon.

Another heartbreaking lesson learnt from the Holocaust and Anne Frank’s Diaries is that the Nazis and Hitler were prejudice. Without knowing the people, Hitler would annihilate the Jews. The Jews were segregated and pre judged. I have learned never to be prejudice or pre judge someone by their religion, race, or their ethnicity. Hitler was cruel becuase he killed millions of people for no valid reason. Some people act prejudice by not being friends with people, or being rude to them. Hitler did none of that. He just killed the Jews. Prejudice is of great relevance even today in the spheres of religion, race and ethnicity.

Last but not least, another important lesson to be learnt from the Holocaust is that one should be alert and vigilant at all times. The Frank family and other Jews had to keep alert and stay away from the Nazis. Anne Frank had to be alert when hiding from the Nazis. This is relevant today in many ways including sports, games, and everyday life. In school, you have to...
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