Lessons Learned from Implementing an Electronic Management System

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Maguire, R. (2005). Lessons learned from implementing an electronic management system. Record Management Journal , 15(3), 8. Retrieved January 17, 2011, from the Emerald Insight database.

The article written by Rachael Maguire from London School of Economics which titled as “Lessons learned from implementing an electronic records management system” , its purpose is to share the experience of implementing an electronic records management system, and pointing out the specific problems that can occur. For your information, Electronic records management system is introduced by British library in early 2001 by their Estates department. The reason they want to use this system that time is because there is no proper guidelines on how to manage these records. The standard of record management at that time is poor, record cannot be relied because it not accurate and it is hard to share these information. The reason is grouped into compliance-related and business related. The compliance-related reasons are about the forthcoming Freedom of Information (Fol) Act (2000) and Modernising Government (Cabinet Office, 1999). It is 20 working day target for responding to Fol requests that meant to find and gather information related quickly was important to them and also made the system could be used to identify documents released under Fol. Compliance-related reasons were less important than business-related reasons which is the main driver for them. Its main business reasons is to enable sharing of document over several sites, to make finding information, to stop duplication and also to help version control in order to make Estates run more efficiently. However, the compliance-related reasons led to procuring a system that could allow both ease of working and version control of document management and the legal reliability and retention control of records management. After procurement exercise, TRIM Captura was chosen because it met National Archives requirements for...
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