Lessons Learned

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Leadership in healthcare offers practical strategies for enhancing the overall effectiveness of the organization. Readings from this week’s discussion forum showed how nurses empower themselves personally and collectively. Dr. Mary Wakefield speaks about 11 lessons learned in her DVD power and influence. I believe nurses have the ability to take on challenges in our nation’s healthcare in order to improve our patients overall health and satisfaction. Lessons Learned

There are three important lessons learned Dr. Mary Wakefield speaks of in which I wish to address in this paper. Wakefield (2010) states, “You have to get off the porch to run with the big dogs, and nurse need to take their knowledge and bring it to the people that can do something with it.” Wakefield (2010) states, “If you have expertise share it, if you need expertise seek it out.” Wakefield (2010) states “Knowledge helps to burn bridges and nurses need to know more about healthcare than nursing care.” Shirley Sears Chater, RN, PhD, FAAN, is a nurse leader who puts all three lessons learned into her nursing practice. “As Social Security Administration Commissioner, Shirley had 62,000 employees work for her, and she worked and studied harder during these years than she did at any other time in her life.” (Houser & Player, 2004, p. 38). Shirley shared her expertise with colleagues while seeking out her mentors for greater expertise in order to help make a change in our nation’s healthcare. Shirley states, “I never pretended to know more than they did. I depended enormously on the competence of the employees in the Social Security Administration who were extremely dedicated and so loyal” (Houser & Player, 2004, p. 38). Even though Shirley admitted to not having knowledge about Social Security, she showed leadership in how she carried herself as a well known nurse who has advocated for a change in our nation’s healthcare. I am a new nurse who will be the first to...
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