Lessons from the Classroom

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Lessons from the classroom

My decision to pursue the CELTA qualification was based on my understanding that it is the first step many teachers take to a long and rewarding career in teaching English to adults all over the world. Realistically, I don’t expect to leave at the end of this course having become a great teacher. I only expect to be exposed to the methodology and to be guided on how to improve my skills for the future. Achieving the required standard will give me the tools upon which to build a future career in teaching.

My strengths in the first two weeks have been in planning, organization and the management of the classroom. Within a given framework I am able to focus on an objective and then strive to achieve that goal. I feel that with a properly written plan and the support of appropriate materials I can achieve my aims. Vivienne Emery pointed out this strength in planning and organization in her feedback from my third teaching practice. I have also tried to maintain a cohesive thread in my lessons to lead the students through the material smoothly.

My use of visuals such as the pictures of my nephew and his new girlfriend in lesson three, as well as the polar bear in my garden, from lesson four, have imparted a greater sense of realism to the lessons I have taught. The students appeared to have been more engaged and this has resulted in better lessons for them.

I am used to addressing groups and find working with the students very enjoyable. This makes management of the class easier and I haven’t had a problem with being heard and for the most part, understood.

One of the areas that I need to work on is concept checking the relevant points for new vocabulary items and to grade the questions accordingly. I made the error of using ‘relentless’ to try and check understanding of the verb ‘hound’ during my second lesson, unfortunately, it was not understood by the class. In my fifth teaching practice I erred in focusing my CCQs on the...
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