Lessons for an Accidental Profession

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Lessons for an Accidental Profession
Projects and project management are future of global business. Increasingly technically complex products and processes, vastly shortened time to market windows, and the need for cross-functional expertise make project management an important and powerful tool in the hands of organization. Businesses regularly use project management to accomplish unique outcomes with limited resources under critical time constraints. Project management is the powerful tool for the organization to achieve its goals. This article is about enhancing the sills of the project manager since the improvement of project management has been discussed so many times. The qualities in a leader we see is the problem solving, visional, motivational, ethical etc. Project manager is the one who manages the project and it can be done by providing full means, support and confidence for their team. The project managers have a little authority and have the ability to operate the hierarchy different from that of traditional one. They might be bosses but not in a complete way, they can give the directions but cannot provide incentives or rewards instead of that they can only influence the teams. Because of such limitations the project management is termed as accidental profession. The two reasons for it are: project managers are selected and trained by formal and systematic programs. Secondly, many of the individuals grow up with a dream to be a project manager without defining this path. Novice managers are given the projects to provide complete data about completion work, budget, and the set of performances and those who done it on time are successful and those who don’t are failing. This creates among project manager the fear of losing the job and that’s why with pressure they aren’t able to perform their task successfully. Many companies do the same mistake again and again, instead of providing training and motivating the managers skills. The problems faced by the novice managers are mostly behavioral and managerial since the interaction within the organization is very much essential. A large computer hardware manufacturer has been dominated hardware engineering department to such an extent that practically all new product ideas originate internally, within the department and the function of marketing department is just to sell the finished product. There is not considered at all. Similarly another medium-sized manufacturing firm made it a policy to reward and punish project managers on the basis of their ability to bring projects in on time and under budget. They quickly learned that their rewards were simply tied to satisfying the cost accountants, so they began to cut corners and make decisions that seriously undermined product quality. In another multinational corporation are routinely assigned to new managers who often have less than one year of experience with the company and instructed to contact senior managers only in emergencies. They were not even given any sort of trainings. This unplanned approach to project management is often coupled with the concept of on the job training. Ideally project managers are called upon to lead, coordinate, plan, and control a diverse and complex set of processes and people in the pursuit of achieving project objectives. A successful project is defined as one that has come in on time, has remained under budget, and performs as expected (that is, it conforms to specifications). Recently fourth dimension is added that is: client satisfaction which determines project success .This means that a project is only successful if it satisfies the needs of its intended user. Following 12 rules can tell what problems project managers face and how they can be faced.

1. Understand the context of project management
Most of project managers are facing the problems of understanding the environment and context of the project. Project management is inherently problematic for a normal...
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