Lesson Reflection

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Lesson Reflection

Spelling Lesson

My lesson reflection

My lesson was based upon the spelling words for the week. I enlarged the letters of each word i.e: make.

These letters were distributed between the students, I would call out a word and the students were to utilise cooperative learning to create the answer. The students with the corresponding letters stood up, they said each letter and then the word, from here the entire class would day and spell the word. Students worked well during the cooperative learning task, sharing and discussing which letters and students needed to be used. This continued with the words; little, made, look, just. From here students completed a spelling word sheet which complemented the spelling words (See Below). This worksheet provided me with the confirmation of the students understanding and improvement of their spelling words. While completing the worksheet students interacted with each other to determine tricky tasks. Following the worksheet the class played the game BUZZ, this provided the students with the competition to show me and other students how much they know. The game reinforced the activity and the worksheet and provided a clear evaluation of the overall lesson. Ultimately I feel that the lesson was a great success, I was able to portray my learning techniques and lesson ideas in a fun and interactive way. The students were having fun while unconsciously learning their spelling words. I was able to extend some students while also providing one to one learning for students who need the additional assistance.

Self discovery and Questions

I have discovered that I am able to plan and complete a lesson that is tailored to the needs and abilities of my students. I feel confident to teach a whole class lesson while also providing one to one learning for certain students who need to additional motivation. Questions – What other activities would have the same learning impact as this lesson? I feel that I will...
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