Lesson Rationale

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Lesson Rationale

I will deliver a lesson in literacy about nouns and different kinds of nouns so that learners can be made aware of its importance in parts of speech. My aim would be to make the learners know about nouns and different kinds of nouns and my objective would be to identify and underline different kinds of nouns. Students will listen, read and speak for literary responses.


I will start the lesson by asking the learners, in pairs, to discuss, “what is a noun? How many kinds of nouns are there and what are they?” This will give me an idea how much they know about the topic and will take their feedback on the white board. To consolidate the process further, I will distribute strips of definitions and words, in groups, and ask the learners to match the definition with the words .I will then take the feedback. This will give me a clear picture of their understanding.

Main Body

Using power point (saved on USB), I will explain what a noun is and its 4 different kinds that form parts of speech. Examples will be given to elucidate the concept. In groups, words would be given to pile under 4 kinds of nouns and feedback will be taken. In order to consolidate the concept, we’ll play a short game as a whole class in which 1 learner will say “start” and another learner will start reciting alphabets in his/her heart. After a while when he/she will be asked to stop, he/she will reveal the alphabet he was on for example letter “p”. Then each learner will say a name, place, animal or thing with that letter and it has to be one of the kind of noun like parrot, Peter, pole, pack etc.


A short question and answer session will follow which will recap the lesson. Handouts and homework will be distributed at the end of the lesson.


Paper, white board, USB stick
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