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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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7th Grade Literacy Lesson Plan

Learning Target(s)Weekly Targets | * Students will build reading stamina and strengthen word recognition, fluency, and comprehension skills * practice active reading strategies * Students will learn the difference between “decoding” and “reading” and recognize that comprehension is an active process * Students will learn multiple reading comprehension strategies (visualizing, predictions, questions, clarifying, comments, identifying unfamiliar vocab, re=read, read slow, inferences/ connections). * * Students will learn the appropriate structure of a short constructed response * | Comp. Checks & Assessment| Informal/teacher observation within groupsFormal/students will complete independent comprehension guide to assess reading comprehension, and 6-trait rubrics will be used to assess writing, i.e. SCR, essays| Learning ActivitiesGradual Release of Responsibility Focus Lesson (I do it) Guided Instruction (We do it) Collaborative Learning (You do it together) Independent Learning (You do it alone)| Daily Activities: * “Accelerated Reader” time - Students will read independently 15 min daily (beginning Thursday) during which time they will exercise comprehension strategies, strengthen word recognition & fluency (Period 1/3 will do this at the end of 3rd period-periods 4 and 6 will do it at the beginning of each period) * Students will participate in “Birdseed” discussion, wherein we discuss our daily quote & concepts which promote life-long thinking & learning, i.e. self-awareness, honesty, compassion, integrity, purpose, tolerance, gratitude, etc. Students then write independently in journals Monday: * Birdseed & AR * Students will complete a reading inventory questionnaire * Students will brainstorm ideas: Why do we write? Why do we read? * Teacher will ask...
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