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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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|Content Objective: |Language Objective: | |(Aligned with TEKS) |(Aligned with ELPS)(3C) | |6.9A Construct sample spaces using lists and tree diagrams. |Speak using grade-level content area vocabulary in context to | | |internalize new English words and build academic language | | |proficiency. | |Vocabulary: |Visuals, Materials & Texts: | |probability, event, outcome, sample space, tree diagram |graphing calculators, dice, coins, poster of tree diagram, index | | |cards for visual/verbal word association cards. | |Activities |Check for Understanding: | |Activating Prior Knowledge: |Review & Check for Understanding: | |Use the visual/verbal word association to preview and emphasize the terms probability,| | |event and outcome. |Teacher monitors students and checks written and oral responses for | |...
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