Lesson Plan Reflection Roman Tables

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Roman Tables Activity

During this lesson the entire class was active and energetic. The class activity involved the role-play strategy of teaching along with questioning. The activity worked well because it kept the students active and questioning, looking for answers and seeking knowledge that they did not have prior to the lesson. The role play strategy was successful in that it kept the students interested and involved in the class discussion and learning of the ‘Roman Tables (Roman Laws). Many students actively sought to use the knowledge from the lesson to explain today’s American judicial system. Any failures from this lesson would be that it should have been done over a two-day period, instead of in one class period. Everything was hurried and, although the students were actively learning and discussing the subject matter, much more could have been learned over a two-day period. The success and failure of the lesson to me rests on the fact that students actively participated and sought to take their opportunity to speak and vote for what he/she felt was right or wrong. This was a very interactive activity. Internal factors that made this activity a success was the participation of the students and the planning of the teacher. External factors that could be associated with the lesson would have to be the lack of time and the limited space in the classroom facility. Students gained knowledge that they did not possess before the lesson. Many of the students had vague understanding of what the ‘Roman Tables’ involved, but after the discussion and role-play activity the students fully understood that this was Roman Laws that have a great deal to do with the American Judiciary System. As for assessments, all students completed an ‘Exit Slip’ to show that they understood the basis of the ‘Roman Tables.’ The results of the ‘Exit Slip’ were to gauge if students were as fully involved as they seemed to be from the discussion. The ‘Exit...
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