Lesson Plan: Present Continuous

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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High-school: Date:

Group: Number of students:

Cooperating Teacher:
Didactics teacher:
Student Teacher:
Time allotted: 45 minutes

Objectives: At the end of the lesson sts will be able to write a simple email using Present continuous and to describe pictures using this tense.

Assumptions: the previous lessons sts have done a review of the Present Continuous.

Anticipated Problems: sts may not want to go to the front to show their emails. Sts may not remember how to produce sentences in the Present Continuous.

Possible Solutions: Tch lets sts read their emails from their desks. Tch makes a quick revision of the Present Continuous.

Materials & Equipment: Pictures, handouts, whiteboard, markers.

Stage/ Timing| Procedure| Interaction Pattern| Stage Objective| Introduction5 minutes| -Tch asks sts what they have learnt the previous lesson.-Tch writes clues on the WB and shows sts picture. Then she asks sts to guess which will be the theme of the lesson. | Teacher– StudentsStudent- Teacher| To elicit information from sts.To make sts guess the topic of the lesson.| Pre- reading7 minutes| -Tch sticks on the WB parts of an email and asks sts to guess the correct order.-Tch checks activity orally.| Teacher- student Student- teacher| To show and make sts guess the correct layout of an email.| Reading(pre writing)13 minutes| -Tch hands in copies of the email and asks sts to copy and answer questions about it. (E.g: Who is the writer of the email? What is the email about? Who is the email to?, etc)-Tch checks activity on the WB.| Teacher- studentStudent- student| To this type of writing.| Writing15 minutes| - Tch asks sts to make groups of three or four sts, she hands in different scenes of “The Simpsons” and asks sts to write a similar email.-Tch asks the different groups to read their emails aloud.| Teacher- studentStudent-...
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