Lesson Plan- Passive Voice

Topics: Grammatical tenses, Past tense, Perfect aspect Pages: 4 (610 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Ms. Nam, Jooyeon March 19, 2013 Section L95 Field Demonstration Lesson Plan

(In-class demonstration) – PTEACH1 L95

Year Level: Second Year High School Students

Time Duration: 30 minutes

Topic: Passive Voice

Materials: Power Point Presentation, Paper and Pen.

At the end of the lesson, students are expected to be able to: 1. Familiar with the structure of Passive Voice.
2. Classify Passive sentences easily.
3. Convert Passive from Active.

Review: Active Voice

(5~10 minutes)
The students will be separated into groups. The teacher will display some pictures and the students are expected to compose active voice sentences from the observation based on the pictures shown. There will be a total of four pictures that will be displayed.

Lesson Proper:
(15~20 minutes)
Notes about Passive Voice
Descriptions about the structure of Passive Voice:
* Subject+(be)+(past participle of a verb)
* The same tense used in the Active voice is being used in the Passive voice. Example will be given at each Tense presentation:

Simple Present Tense:
* Active Voice: “I drive my car to school.”
* Passive Voice: “The car is driven to school.”
(Ask students what is the verb tense used in the sentence)
(Ask students how it was changed in to a past participle: Drive—Driven)

Simple Past Tense:
* Active Voice: “I drove my car to school.”
* Passive Voice: “My car was driven to school.”
(Ask students what is the verb tense used in the sentence)
The word “driven” does not tell you anything about the verb tense being used. Present Perfect Tense:
* Active Voice: “I have driven my car to school.”
* Passive Voice: “My car has been driven to school.”
(Ask students to classify what verb tense being used)
(Propose an equation like formula to make it easier to understand)

Present Continuous...
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