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Week 10 (Tuesday)
A.Content Focus: I can learn.

Meeting Time 1
* Mensahe: Nakakagawa ako ng maraming bagay sa tahanan.
Nakakatulong ako sa gawaing-bahay.
Naaayos ko ang aking mga gamit.

* Tanong:

* Launin: Nakakagawa at nakakatulong sa gawaing-bahay.

* Kagamitan: Mga Larawan

* Pamamaraan: Pagpapakita na guro ng iba’t-ibang larawan na nagpapakita ng pagtulong sa gawaing-bahay.

Work Period 1
* Cooperative Finger Painting
Objective: To develop expression.
To learn how to work with a partner (sharing and taking turns) Materials: Finger-Paint (red, yellow and blue) white paper, tape, wet cloth for wiping finger. Procedure:
1. Tape the paper on the table so that it will not move/ be blown away while the children are painting. 2. Ask the children to dip their fingers on the paper with a marker. 3. Invite the children to their fingers in a tub finger-paint and apply the finger paint on their paper to paint pictures. 4. Remind the child that they need to share the space on the paperwhile painting and to wait for their turn to get from the tub. 5. Teach the children to wipe their fingers clean before dipping in another colored paint. 6. When the children have finished painting, teacher ask them about their painting and write their finished answer on their paper. 7. Teacher hangs the painting up to dry.

* Alphabet Crown
Objective/Competency: To recognize the alphabet.
Materials: long strip of white cardboard, old magazine, newspaper, scissors, crayons and tape. Procedure:
1. Have the children to look for the letters of their magazines. 2. Let him cut it out and paste on his strip of cardboard. 3. When the children has already completed looking for all the letters tape the ends together to fit around the child’s head. 4. Let him wear it as a crown.

* Color Memory Game:
Objective/Competency: Match Colors
Materials: 8 pairs identical color cards
1. Place l cards on the table face down.
2. Each player turns over two cards during his turn. If he gets a pair of identical cards, he get to keep the pair and takes another turn. 3. If the letter cards do not match, the players puts back the cards into their original places. 4. The player who is able to get the most of pairs ins the game. * Picture Puzzle

Objective/Competency: recognize picture
Materials: cut-out pictures, glue, and illustration board.
1. Distribute a set of puzzle to each child.
2. Have each one complete the puzzle assign him/her.
3. Have the time to exchange sets as they finish.
Meeting Time 2
Activity: I say, you say
List down the rhyming pairs they can think of and have the class read this after. Supervised Recess:
* Prayer
* Washing of Hands
* Eating Time

Story Time:
I. Layunin:
II. Kwento: Asul na araw
Work Period 2
* Hand Game (concrete quantities of 3)
Objective: To explore combinations that makes given quantity. Materials: Any kind of counter such as pebbles chips or sticks. Procedure:
1. Children work in a group.
2. Teacher gives each child quantity if sticks in this case 3. 3. Children place counter in different ways and verbalize the combination that result.

* Mini Book
Objective: To learn quantities of 3
Materials: Mini Book, pencils and crayons.
1. The teacher will prepare a mini book.
2. Let the child draw an object with the quantities of 3. * Tapatan
Materials: playing board, 3 markers of two colors.
1. The object of the game is to arrange 3 markers of the same color in row. 2. Along any of the board lines (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally)

* Block Play
Objective: To explore the attributes of three dimensional.
Materials: Blocks
1. Children use the table/floor blocks to build...
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