Lesson Plan - Momentum

Topics: Momentum, Mass, Velocity Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Lesson Plan – Physics 1
Ms. Jennifer B. Tibay
Objectives| Content/ Learning Tasks| Teaching/ Learning Strategies| Evaluation| December 5 - 6 2012At the end of the lesson, the students SBAT: 1. define what is momentum and impulse. 2. relate impulse to the change in momentum. 3. understand the concept of momentum and impulse 4. identify applications of momentum and impulse| Topic: Momentum and ImpulseKey Concepts: 1. Momentum is also called mass in motion. It is the product of the mass of a body and its velocity.p = mv 2. Impulse is defined as the product of the force and the time (impulse = Ft). 3. Impulse is equal to the momentum change.Ft = Δp = mΔvReferences:1. Physics Works, Alvie J. Asuncion, Michael Jerome M. Encina, et al.2. Momentum and Its Conservation, http://www.physicsclassroom.com/ Class/momentum/, retrieved date: November 24, 20123. Marble Madness, http://mindtrekkers.mtu.edu/docs/Lessons%202012/Marble%20Madness.pdf retrieved date: November 26, 2012| Day 1A. MotivationThe teacher will show some quotations regarding momentum and the students will tell if that momentum is just the same meaning in the physics term, momentum.B. Lesson ProperClass discussion about the last activities (throw the egg, catch the egg and drop the egg) and relate it on the lesson, momentum and impulse, by showing two different situations. Relating impulse to change in momentum through derivation of formula using F = ma.The class will have a 4-item seatwork. (See Attachment A)| - Oral recitation and board work on selected problem sets- Seatwork- Group activity outputs| | | Day 2Class Activity: “Marble Madness”(See Attachment B)| |


Seatwork: Express your understanding of the concept and mathematics of momentum and impulse by answering the following questions. (1whole intermediate paper) 1. Determine the momentum of a:
a) 60-kg halfback moving eastward at 9 m/s.
b) 1000-kg car moving northward at 20 m/s.
c) 40-kg...
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