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Lesson Plan Mathematics

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Lesson Plan Mathematics

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Lesson Plan in Mathematics 3

I. Lesson Objectives
At the end of the class the students should be able to learn 75% of the lesson and be able to; a. familiarize the formula in getting the slope;
b. find the slope of the line, with given two points on the line or equation of the line using Algebrator software; c. graph a line using slope and a point on the line in the said software; and d. volunteer on solving problems.

II. Subject Matter
Subject: Geometry
Topic: The Slope of the Line
Materials: Laptop, Power Point Presentation
Reference: Lial, Hornsday, Miller; “Intermediate Algebra”, 5th Edition, Pages 427-436

III. Lesson Procedure
A. Pre-activities
1. Daily Activities
a. Checking of Attendance
b. Collecting of Assignments
c. Review or reap of the previous lesson

2. Motivation
a. The student will group into two.
b. Each group having nine members will hold a canal like cardboard. And they will put a ball on it from the starting point.
c. The first group who reach the finish point will win.

B. Presentation
1. Relate the motivational activities conducted to the topic to be discussed.
2. Introduce the topic on Slope of the Line through Power Point Presentation.
3. Ask one student to read the definition of slope.
4. Elaborate the definition and present the formula.
5. Point out the important details and rules about the topic.
6. Give examples and ask volunteers from the class to solve the exercises using Algebrator software.
7. Give a generalization.

IV. Assessment
Direction: Use Algbrator software to answer the following.
A. Find the slope of the following line through each pair of points.
1. (-2, 7); (4, -3)
2. (1; 2); (8, 5)
3. (8, -2); (3, -2)

B. Find the slope of each line.
1. 2x + y = 6
2.3x – 4y =12
3. x = -6
4. y + 5 = 0
C. Graph the following lines.
1. Through (1, -3), m = -3/4
2. Through (-1, -4), m =...

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