Lesson Plan in Soil Erosion

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Soil Erosion
1. To define soil erosion.
2. To determine the causes and effects of soil erosion.
3. To recognize the importance of soil resources to all inhabitants.

Topic: Soil Erosion

Reference: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/erosion
Materials: basin, soil, water, plastic, cans with small holes, cartolina, manila paper, and electric fan.

Lateral Integration: English

Values: Integration: Valuing resources in response to environmental issues.

Science Ideas:
Soil erosion is the process by which soil and rock are removed from Earth’s surface by natural processes such as wind or water flow, and transported and deposited to other locations. This is primarily caused by massive cutting of trees.

The major effects of soil erosion include loss of soil nutrients, and floods.

Science Processes: Observing, inferring, identifying, analyzing, and concluding

A. Awareness:
1. Prayer
2. Checking of attendance
3. Show video about landslide.
Ask the students’ idea about the topic for the day.
B. Activity:
1. Divide the class into 5 groups.
2. Ask the group to choose their leader.
3. Distribute the task cards and the materials to each group. 4. After 5 minutes, ask the group to state their observation.

Group 1: Rain (cause)
1. Form a mountain out of the soil. Place it in the center of the basin. 2. Hold the can (with holes), position it on top of the mountain. Continuously pour water into the can. 3. Observe what happens to the soil.

Group 2: Wind (cause)
1. Form a mountain out of the soil. Place it at the center of the basin. 2. Position the electric fan closer into the soil.
3. Slowly blow air to the soil (Press button #1). Then, strongly blow air into the soil (press button #3). Observe what happens to the soil particles. Group 3: Clearing away trees (cause)
1. You are given a set of soil with plants, and a set which has no...
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