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Cotabato derives its name from the Maguindanao kuta wato, meaning "stone fort", referring to the stone fort which served as the seat of the great Sultan Kudarat in what is now Cotabato City. Cotabato (also North Cotabato; Filipino:Hilagang Kotabato), is a landlocked provinceof the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao. Its capital isKidapawan City and borders Lanao del Sur and Bukidnon to the north, Davao del Norteand Davao City to the east, Davao del Sur and Sultan Kudarat to the southeast, andMaguindanao to the south and west. Cotabato is subdivided into 17 municipalities and 2 cities.[1] -------------------------------------------------

Southern part of the Island of Mindanao
Bounded by the province of Sultan Kudarat in the north and West, province of Sarangani in the east and south. [edit]Topography
The place is generally flat dotted with some hills and mountains.

The Province of North Cotabato lies on the eastern part of Region XII and is strategically located in the central part of Mindanao. It is bounded on the north by the provinces ofLanao del Sur and Bukidnon, on the east by Davao City and Davao del Norte, on the west by Maguindanao and on the southeast by Sultan Kudarat and Davao del Sur. North Cotabato is strategically linked to the major "Arterial Road System" that traverses and connects the province to Davao City - SOCCSKSARGEN - Cotabato Corridor. The Cotabato via Kabacan - Maramag - Kibawe, Bukidnon Sayre Highway meanwhile serves as its link to the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan City Corridor. North Cotabato, with an area of 656,590 hectares representing 45.06% of the whole regional area, stretches west from Mt. Apo, which separates it from Davao, to the Piapayungan Range on its boundary with Lanao. In the midst of these uplands is the basin of the Pulangi or Rio Grande de Mindanao, the second longest in the Philippines at 300 km, which rises in Bukidnon and flows south to Maguindanao and Illana Bay. The province’s fertile plains are traversed by tributaries of this great river. Typhoons do not pass through North Cotabato and rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. -------------------------------------------------


Map of the Philippines with Sarangani highlighted|
Sarangani is a province of the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region. Its capital is Alabel. With a 230 kilometres (140 mi) coastline along the Sarangani Bay andCelebes Sea, the province is at the southernmost tip of Mindanao Island, and bordersSouth Cotabato to the north and Davao del Sur to the east. Sarangani is part of the South Cotabato-Sultan Kudarat-Sarangani-Gen. Santos City (SOCCSKSARGEN) development cluster, and is linked by paved roads to the international airport and harbor of Gen. Santos City. The province is divided into two parts, separated by the Sarangani Bay and General Santos City, and it used to be part of South Cotabato until it was made an independent province in 1992.[1]

Sultan Kudarat
sultan Kudarat (Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Sultan Kudarat), is a province of thePhilippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao. Its capital is Isulan and borders Maguindanao and Cotabato to the north, South Cotabato and Sarangani to the south, and Davao del Sur to the east, and the Celebes Sea to the west. Sultan Kudarat is subdivided into 11 municipalities and 1 city. Three of the municipalities (Kalamansig, Lebak, and Palimbang) are coastal towns, while the rest of the province are located inland. Tacurong City is the smallest unit in the province in terms of land area, but it is the most urbanized, and is considered to be the province's commercial center. Other growth centers are Lebak and Isulan, the latter being the provincial...
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