Lesson Plan in Physics (Logic Gates)

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At the end of the lesson, 80% should be able to:
A.Differentiate the three basic logic gates
B.Construct truth tables for each kind of logic gates
C.Develop cooperation during class discussion

II.Subject Matter
A.Unit: Electricity and Magnetism
B.Topic: Electronic Logic Circuits
1.AND gate works like a series circuit.
2.OR gate works like a parallel circuit.
3.NOT gate produces output opposite the input.
1.Improvised logic gates (AND, NOT, OR, NAND, NOR)
2.Series and Parallel Circuits
4.Scotch tape

III.Learning Tasks/Activities
3.Checking of Attendance
Teacher’s ActivitiesStudent’s Expected Answer/Activities Ok, class, could anyone tell the class the things we tackled last meeting?

Yes, _______.

For us to recall our knowledge about that topic. I will show you the symbol for each electronic component. Your task is to tell the class for what component that symbol is and tell its functions. Ok. Let’s start now. This is the symbol for what?

Very good, ______. How about this one? Yes, _______.

Very good. Next. Yes, _____.

You’re right. How about the last one ?
(Some Students will raise their hands)

Last meeting, we tackled about the different electronic components.

That is the symbol for resistor. It keeps current and voltage at the level that the other electronic components need to function properly.

That is the capacitor which stores electrical charge.

Transistor. It is a semiconductor device, commonly used to amplify or switch electronic signals.

That is an integrated circuit or IC which is a very small single structure assembly of electronic components containing many circuits and functions on a chip. C.Motivation
For the Motivation, we will have a game patterned after “Pinoy Henyo”. I will choose three students through draw lots. They will sit on the chairs allotted for them in front of the class, they will be the guesser. The word will be placed on his forehead. There will only be one guesser for each word and will be asking yes/no questions to the rest of the class. The students can only answer back yes, no or maybe. There will be a one minute time limit. There will be 3 words to be guessed. They will be allowed to speak in Filipino for spontaneity. The words will be posted on the board whether or not the student guessed it. The first two letters of the first two words plus the first letter of the last word will form the word LOGIC. D.Lesson Proper

Teacher’s ActivityStudent’s Expected Answer/Activities
Class, on the board are the 3 words we used in the game awhile ago. Could anyone tell the class what word would be formed using the first letters of each word? Yes, ______.

That’s correct. Now, what comes into your mind when you hear the word logic? Yes, ___.

Precisely. Logic means correct reasoning. In the game a while ago, do you see any logic there? Yes, ____.

Will you please give a specific example from what was done?

Very good. So what was the logic used in the game?

That’s correct. Now, can you give me examples of things that use logic for them to work? Yes, ______. That’s correct. Another, please. Yes, ______.
That’s also correct. Yes, ______.
That’s right. All of what you said – calculators, cell phones, gameboys, PSP – even playstation are actually computers. How do these things work? Yes, ____.

That’s correct. What do you think do computers have to be able to use logic?

You’re right but how do you call those parts?
What specific electronic component?

Very good. ICs are responsible for the internal operations of a computer and they are the parts that do the logic. Integrated circuits are made of logic circuits. From the name itself, what can say about the function of a logic...
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