Lesson Plan in Math

Topics: Quadrilateral, Angle, Line segment Pages: 12 (1002 words) Published: September 30, 2012

I. Learning Competencies
1. Identify the properties of parallelogram;
2. Apply the properties of parallelogram in problem solving;
3. Relate the properties of the parallelogram to the real world.

II. Subject Matter: Properties of Parallelogram
A. References
a. Textbook: Oronce, O.A & Mendoza, M. O. E-Math(Geometry). 2007. pages 238-243 B. Instructional Media
Visual Aids
C. Values Integration
• accuracy
• critical thinking

III. Learning Strategies
|Teacher Activity |Student Activity | |A. Review | | |What was our lesson last meeting? |Our previous lesson was all about quadrilaterals. | |Very Good! What is a parallelogram? |A quadrilateral is any four-sided figure which includes the | | |parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, trapezoid, and square. | | | | | | | |Great! | | | |Yes we do. | |B. Motivational Activity |Yes we do. | |Do you want a game class? | | |Do you know the game trip to Jerusalem? |Students follow. | |Okay! The mechanics of the game is that there are chairs you are | | |going to sit and one of the chair has a cartolina which has the | | |consequence written there and should do by the person who can sit| | |on that certain chair when the music stops. | | | | | |C. Presentation | | |1. Student – Teacher Interaction | | |Do you have an idea what our lesson is for today? | | |Precisely! But first, what is a parallelogram? | | | | | |Exactly! A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with both pairs of | | |opposite sides parallel. Consider this parallelogram ABCD, ĀB and|Our lesson for today is all about properties of parallelogram. | |CD parallel to each other (AB // CD) and if segments AD and BC |A parallelogram is a quadrilateral having 2 pairs of parallel | |are also parallel to each other (AD // BC), then...
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