Lesson Plan in English Nouns Plural in Form

Topics: Noun, Verb, Grammatical number Pages: 6 (1050 words) Published: July 28, 2012
Sample Lesson Exemplar in English VI
by Luningning R. Racasa, MT-I, VPES
Using Special Nouns
I. Objectives:
            1. Use nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning.             2. Write correctly words/nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning.             3. Admire other people who have special talents and share ideas on how to be like them.  

II. 1. Subject Matter:
            Using Special Nouns
    2. References:
            BEC S. 5.1 p.23
            Growing in English VI, LTX pp.87-92
            English for All Times, LTX pp. 110-114             Workbook in Language and Reading, pages 39-40     3. Materials:
             charts, a picture of a pupil, word cards, flags of USA, the Netherlands, Bahamas     4. Integration:
            HKS- flags and names of some countries             Values- admiring other people with special talent/skills and sharing how to be like them.  
 III. Procedure:
       A. 1. Checking of Assignment
           2. Drill
                Pronounce the following nouns. Be careful of the sts consonant cluster at the end of each                word.
                           nests             pests              priests            lists                            beasts            wrists             coasts            mists                            contests         fists                guests            ghosts                            roasts             boast              twists                  Read the following sentences:                       1. My brother suggests that father knows best.                       2. We saw the birds in their nests.                       3. The hunter molests the beasts in the forests.                       4. He wins contests with his fists.                       5. Mists rise like ghosts along the coasts.                   What is common among the above words?                   What is the sound of the sts consonant cluster at the end of each word?     

           3. Review:
                 a. What part of speech are the above words?                      What is the form of each? How do you know?  
                 b. Choose the correct form of the verb                            1. Mrs. De Velez (is, are) our Science teacher.                            2. She ( give, gives) a test weekly.                            3. We all ( review, reviews) our lessons every Thursday.                            4.  Rica (is, are) the highest in the test.                            5.  Men and animals   (depend, depends) on plants for food.  

B. 1. Motivation:
                      How many among you like and enjoy Mathematics? Why ?Why not?                       Who among you believe that Mathematics is easy? Or difficult?                       Why is this subject necessary in our day-to-day activities?               

                2. Presentation:
                      Show the picture of a boy talking in front of a class.                       Say: This is Francis Rodriguez of Marbel Elementary School. Listen carefully as one of your                                 classmates reads or gives his talk. Be sure to point out the main idea of the talk                                  afterwards.               

                3. Comprehension Check/ Discussion:                      a.    What is the main idea of the talk?                               (How Francis  develops wonderful and speedy computational skills)                            So, how does Francis develop his skills in computation?                             What does Francis do most of the time?                             Who help/s him a lot?                             Aside from solving the exercises on the books,  what other extra exercises does he do?                             What trait do you think Francis possesses why he wins in the contest?                             Is he studious, diligent and talented? Why do you...
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