Lesson Plan in English

Topics: Sentence, Dependent clause, Simple sentence Pages: 12 (2914 words) Published: March 16, 2013
A Lesson Plan in English I (First Year High School)
Prepared by: Aileen Mae A. Alug

At the end of a 60 minute period, 85% of the students will be able to: a. define the different kinds of sentences according to structure; b. give examples in each kind of structure;
c. show interest in constructing a sentence in each kinds of sentences according to structure correctly.

a. TOPIC: Kinds of Sentences According to Structure
b. MATERIALS USED: Chalkboard, chalk, eraser, visual aids, pictures c. REFERENCES: http://www.studyandexam.com/sentence-types.html, http://www.holmdelschools.org/schools/satz/eng_dept/Grammar/Words%20&%20Groups%20of%20Words/types_and_kinds_of_sentences.htm

A. Learning Activities

Teacher’s Activity| Student’s Activity|
“Let us all stand class for our opening prayer”“Good Morning, class!”“Now and forever!” “You make take your seat.”(Checking of Attendance)“Please say present as I call your name.”“How are you today class?”“Ok. Very good.”RECAPITULATION/REVIEW“Before we proceed to our new lesson, let us recall or review first our last lesson.” a. What was our last topic? b. Name the different types of clauses, define and give example in each.| (One student will lead the prayer)“Good Morning, Ma’am! Praise be Jesus and Mary!”(Students take their seat)(Students will say the word present as the teacher calls their name)We are fine Ma’am!” a. Our last topic was all about “Types of Clauses”. b. “Main (or independent) clause is a clause that expresses a complete thought and can stand as a sentence.Example: She is wearing a shirt which looks nice.Subordinate (or independent) clause is a clause which does not express complete thought and depends on another clause (main clause) to express complete thought.Example: because he suffers from fever.|


This motivation can be called as “Lucky Me”. The teacher prepares a piece of paper with corresponding words and conjunctions. There are also papers that the written words are prizes like chocolates and candies. The student who will get the words or conjunctions will compose a sentence and share it to the class. And for those students who will get the papers with prizes the teacher will give what kind of prizes they have. The papers will be place under their chair. As the teacher instructs them to get the paper under the chair, they will perform what is written in the paper.

1. Simple Sentence
* Consists of only one independent clause containing a subject and a verb and it expresses complete thought. There is no dependent clause. Examples:
* The bell rang.
* They are sleeping.
2. Compound Sentence
* A compound sentence consists of at least two independent clauses joined by coordinating conjunctions. There is no dependent clause in compound sentence. The coordinating conjunctions use to join independent clauses are “for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so”. Independent clauses can also be joined by a semicolon (;). A comma may or may not be used before the conjunction in compound sentence. Examples:

* Dorothy likes white water rafting, but she also enjoys swimming. * He failed two times yet he is not disappointed.

3. Complex Sentence
* A complex sentence consists of one independent clause and at least one dependent clause joined by subordinating conjunction (because, although, since, when, unless, and etc.) or relative pronoun (that, who, which, and etc.) Examples:

* When I saw what you had done, I was sad.
* You can’t pass the test unless you study for it.

4. Complex - Compound Sentence
* A complex-compound sentence consists of at least two independents and one or more dependent clauses. It is also sometimes called compound-complex Sentence. Examples:
* I like...
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