Lesson Plan in Classroom Program

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Name: Khif Muamar M. MirandaDate: January 10, 2013
Subject Area: Creative WritingCT: Mrs. Alma Mercado

Class Program

In our modern epoch, the time when the only things that are needed for effective learning are the teachers and students is long gone. At the turn of the millennium, the equation to successful teaching also has the variables of classroom schedule, room assignment and even proper assignment of teachers. Although these factors may seem insignificant, all of those can be the telling elements as to whether the highest possible level of edification is attained. During our first teaching episode in our cooperating school, Tagum City National Comprehensive High School, I quickly took notice about the schedule of our CT. Mam Mercado’s schedule is obviously loaded, with only a few minutes of break or rest in between. Her class schedule as well as room assignment was relatively reasonable (in the Philippines’s educational setting). As she is assigned to teach English which is her major, it can be concluded that her students will acquire adequate learning. All these factors greatly contribute to the effectiveness of teaching as well as learning.

Having stated that, I realized that for a lesson or a curriculum will be best implemented and taught if all the necessary components, which in this case are the class program, teacher’s assignment and room assignment, are present and well organized. Proper organization can greatly influence and even pad up the interest and enthusiasm of the students. On the part of the teacher, it eases up the tasks to be done knowing that most of these portions which he/she can’t control are put right in place. With that considered, the educational institution can be confident that the zenith of the teaching-leaning process is achieved.

Due to some obvious reasons, we were not able to interview our CT about her Class Program. However, she shared to us how important it is to prepare a class program and...
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