Lesson Plan for PPP lesson plan for teaching can/can’t

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Grade: 14 / 15
Lead in:

Group activity with a ball in a circle.
Teacher presents situation i.e 'classroom' and throws ball to a student. Student who receives ball states something they are allowed/ not allowed to do, 'I can't talk over the teacher' Introduces concept of can/can't giving student opportunity to use the term can/ can't if they know it.

This would be a controlled activity. For a lead in you need to create interest and set the scene. They won't be able to go straight into an activity using the TL until after you have taught it.

Also this is the wrong use of the TL - rules / permission. You must stick to abilities based on skills.


Intoduce meaning & form on board.
Students are recognizing meaning, usage.

Present language through slideshow 'Sam the dog'.
Sam is shown on slide show i.e skiing, walking etc.
Students answer if Sam can/can't do each activity i.e Sam can't ski, After the sentence is shown on slideshow, students repeat.
Students can visually attach words to situations & repetition allows pronunciation & practice.


Introduce Emily Sam's owner.
Students asked to complete a written activity in pairs
They answer true/false questions about things Emily & Sam can/can't do. Feed back.
Pairwork: complete a gap fill exercise, 'Sam and Emilys day' with can/can't. Teacher review students learning.
Play true/false game.
Sides of the classroom are true/false
The teacher states different examples of what sam can/can't do. Students run to the correct side.
Activity allows fun and quick thinking for student to practice language.
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