Lesson Plan for Photosynthesis

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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|Class: Biology |Periods: 3rd & 4th ( 40 min each) | | |Unit: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration |

|Learning Objectives: | | |Students will understand the basics of cellular respiration |Students will create posters to help understanding of the processes of | |Students will learn about the difference and similarities between |photosynthesis and cell respiration | |photosynthesis and cellular respiration | |

|State Standards | |SC.CM.LS.01.06—describe photosynthesis as a chemical process and part of the carbon cycle | |SC.CM.LS.01.03—identify cell organelles and state how their activities contribute to a particular type of cell carrying out its functions |

|Time: |Teacher Activities |Student Activities |Assessment |Management | |5 to 7 min|Welcome students, attendance, |Come in, sit down, have materials|How late are students coming into|Remind students about coming to | | |allow time to come in from |out for start of class |class? |class on time even though it's | | |lunch |Hopefully arrive on time |Are students ready for class to |right after lunch | | | |...
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