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Teo Kar Hung PET 100033
Subject: Physical Education
Date: 19 September 2010
Time and duration: 8.00 a.m. to 9.20 a.m. (1hour 20 minutes) Class: Form 4 Ehsan
Level: Intermediate
Topic: Dodge ball
Previous Knowledge: Students have learnt how to throw and catch a ball in previous years. Learning outcomes: Student will be able to:-
a) Learn techniques on how to dodge a ball
b) Learn the correct skills on how to throw a ball
Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson, student should be able to: a) Throw and dodge the ball effectively
b) Attained flexibility through the game
c) Achieve good teamwork with friends
Teaching aids: 1) Video – Introduction on how the game is played Moral Values: Students are able to learn how to cooperate with teammates and build a good teamwork.
Stage| Contents| Activities & Rationales|
Set Induction (10 minutes)| Video of How Dodge ball is Played| * Teacher shows the students a short video about How Dodge ball is Played. * While watching the video, teacher can explain what should the students take note during the game.Rationale:To gain students’ interest towards Dodge ball and knowledge about Dodge ball.| Practise (30 minutes)| Skills and Techniques| * Teacher explains the rules about the game and what shouldn’t be done during the game. * Teachers can teach the students skills and techniques on how to dodge and throw the ball effectively. * Teacher lets students warm up and practise throwing and dodging in pairs.Rationale:To gain students’ knowledge and let students understand rules on dodge ball.| The Match(35 minutes)| A game of Doge Ball | * Teacher divides the class into 2 teams. * Each team starts out by throwing from the half court line. * When a player gets hit or someone catches the ball he has thrown, he is OUT! * Have a designated...
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