Lesson Plan for Grade 7

Topics: Creation myth, Trickster, Earth Pages: 6 (1906 words) Published: January 28, 2013
A Detailed Lesson Plan in English VII

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
a. unlock difficult terms through context clues
b. use information presented in a creation story to infer, to evaluate, and to express critical ideas c. appreciate creation myths
d. understand stress rules for two-syllable words which are heteronyms e. use proper stress
f. perform a role play about the story read
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Explaining Our Beginnings
Reference:Grade 7 English Learning Package
Materials:video clip, laptop, LCD projector, speakers, cartolina, Skills:Speaking Skills and Critical thinking skills
Value:Appreciating Creation Myths
III. Procedure

Teacher’s Activity| Student’s Activity|
a. MotivationClass, I have here a video clip from the movie, “One More Chance”. I know most of you had viewed this movie already. Watch and listen very well because I’ll ask some questions after.So, what was the scene all about? What are they doing?Why do you think are they quarrelling?What happened after their fight?What did Popoy feel after the break up? b. Unlocking of DifficultiesIn the story we’re going to read later, you will encounter a character whose fate is the same as that of Popoy and how he did everything to bring back the girl he loves. But before that, we will have a game called Dial-a-Word. I will group you into two. I have here difficult terms from the story we’re going to read. We need to unlock these terms in order for you to understand well the story. This is what you’re going to do. Per word, you need a representative to play. I will give the meaning of the difficult word and using your phone you need to dial the numbers I’m going to tell. The first one to complete the difficult word correctly will be given a point. Listen to the context clue I’m going to give. 1. 6-444-7777-8(a light or fine rain) 2. 888-666-444-3(lacking in something needed) 3. 2-22-666-3-33(the place where one lives) 4. 777-33-2-555-6(a region of activity, knowledge or influence) 5. 777-33-7-777-666-2-222-44(expression of disapproval) 6. 3-33-7777-666-555-2-8-33(lack of companionship) c. PresentationWho among you knows a story of how the world was created? Can you share one?The story Malakas and Maganda you had given is an example of a creation myth which is made by our ancestors and handed down from generations that tackles about the creation of the world. But these stories are not real and were based only from the beliefs and imaginations of our forbearers. And the story we’re going to read is a Panayan version of how the world had came to be. d. ReadingBring out your copy of the story, “The Necklace” and read the story silently. e. Comprehension Check-upWho are the two gods who appeared from the depth of the formless void?Where were these two deities came?Are they alone? Like Adam and Eve, and Malakas and Maganda, what do you think happened knowing that they are the only beings in that place.I have here a Venn diagram. Give me characteristics and attitudes of Tungkung Langit and Alunsina. Compare and contrast the two.Base from the Venn diagram we had accomplished, what can you say?They are very different from each other and so, what problems did they encounter?How did Tungkung Langit feel upon knowing about it?What caused him to be that angry?They quarrelled, isn’t it? And so, what did Tungkung Langit do?Where did Alunsina go?With their separation, what happened to Tungkung Langit?What did he do to bring back his wife?What was his plan?He was unsuccessful and so what did he do next?With what Tungkung Langit did, what was created?Did Alunsina come back?What is the belief of the folks in Panay up to this time? f. Enrichment Activity (Language)I have here words which we’re going to study. These words are heteronyms. What are heteronyms?Here are the words: * project * desert * object * present * record * updateI will use...
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