Lesson Plan for First Grade Students of Junior High School

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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There are three proposal focuces in Source of Age Differences:

1. Biological Factors

2. Cognitive Factors

3. Affective Factors

4. Differences in The Language Environment


It tells about development of Cerebral Dominance.

There are 3 specialization of function in the right and left sides of the brains;

a. Lateralization begins in childhood and is completed at puberty. It means that the child begins produce their firts language with their brain not only the right brain but also the left brain. Then if the child become puberty, they can chose to use the left brain or the right brain.

b. Lateralization by five tells that the left brain more dominan than the right brain in the five age.

c. Lateralization of zero tells that both of them is used not only the left but also the right brain.


It tells about how far someone know about language that they learn.

e.g. a child don’t know about what the apple is before. Her/his mother tells about what it is and the child needs some media like picture or video that help her/him to know it. But if this case happen on an adult, mother can tell what it is and she/he know it without use any medias at all. “It is influenced by their experience.”



It tells about he differences of children and adults hear.

|CHILDREN |ADULT | |Only produce a simpler and shorter sentences |Conversational management | |Children recive much more concrete “here-and-now” input |Adults typically are exposed to conversation about | | |topics whose referents are not obvious from the | |...
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