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At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
A. relate the poem to significant human experiences,
B. share values learned from the poem,
C. identify some figures of speech in the poem.

A. Topic: Relating the Poem to Significant Human Experiences B. Springboard: “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth
C. Reference: English Expressways IV, pp. 220 – 221
D. Materials: Paintings
LCD projector
Visual Materials

Teacher’s Activity| Students’ Activity|
Preliminaries:| |
1. Opening Prayer| |
In everything we do, we should always put first the Almighty God to our presence. Let’s ask guidance from him by having a prayer. Class, please all stand!| Students stand and pray.Amen!| 2. Greetings| |

Good morning, class.| Good morning, Sir!|
How are you my gorgeous and handsome students?| We’re fine, Sir.| Nice to hear that, today is so delightful for I can see everybody‘s smiling.| Students smile.| 3. Roll call| |

Do we have any absentee today?| None, Sir!|
Very good! I’m glad that you are all here. That is an indication that you are very willing to learn from our lesson today.| | Am I right, class?| Yes, Sir.|
4. Review| |
Before we proceed to our new lesson today, let us have first a recapitulation. Who could still remember our previous lesson?| Sir, our previous lesson was about figures of speech. It is the use of words deviating the literal meaning of the words.| Very good!You were able to recall our lesson yesterday. I am pretty sure that you really learned from the discussion that we had yesterday.| | A. Activities| |

Alright! Class, let’s have a game. The first group is the row one and the second group is the row two. I have here two puzzles. You are going to arrange every piece of those into two big illustration boards for 60 seconds.(Teacher plays background music while the students do the activity)| Students do the activity.| Now, what do you see in the first picture?| Sir, I see a man standing beneath the trees.| Very good!What is he looking at?| Sir, he is looking at the flowers. | Excellent!Class, what do you think is the feeling of the man in the picture?| Sir, I think the man is sad.| Very good!Now, let us have the second picture. What is depicted in the second picture?| Sir, the second picture depicts a flower?| Very good!Who can describe the flower?What kind of flower is that?| Sir, the flower is like a yellow bell.Sir, that flower is a daffodil. | Magnificent!All of you were able to describe what are being shown in the pictures.| | B. Analysis| |

This time I am first going to group you into four for our activity today. Please, count one to 4. You can now go with your groupmates and find your respective places. What we will have today is a nice poem entitled “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth.Does anyone of you know something about the author?| Sir, William Wordsworth is an American poet who loves and uses nature as an external projection of his poetry.| Very good!| |

| |
1. Unlocking of DifficultiesClass, before we proceed to the reading of the poem, let us first know the following unfamiliar words that you will encounter in the poem.I have here jumbled letters flashed on screen. You are going to guess what words are being described at the left side of the screen. a. dnewra b. salve c. refultt d. dcjuno e. hoccu f. sbils g. osleidut| Students do the activity.Students’ expected...
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