Lesson Plan and Poem

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I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:
A. point out how attitudes in literature influence one’s behavior; B. respond to ideas, issues and concerns presented in reading in creative form; C. appreciate the values underscore by the writer.

II. Subject Matter:
Topic: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Reference: English Expressway III by: Eugenia R. Gargon
Virginia F. Bermudez, Ed. D., Remedios F. Nery
Pages: 167 – 169
Materials: Instructional materials, Book, white board marker

III. Procedure:

Teacher’s Activity| Student’s Activity|
A. A. Preliminary Activities1.Opening prayer: “Please all rise, let us bow down our heads and put our hearts and minds in the presence of the Lord and pray. Kindly lead the prayer.”“Good morning class!” 1. 2. Cleanliness and orderliness:“It’s nice to see you too my dear students. Before you take your seats, kindly pick up the pieces of papers and arrange your chairs properly.” 2. 3. Checking the attendance“Okay class, let’s check first your attendance. Secretary, who are absent for today? ““All are set? So let’s proceed.”B. Review:“Before we discuss to our new topic. Let’s have first a review. What was our last topic all about? Anyone in the class?”“Who is the author of the story?“Very good! Who are the main characters of the story? Anyone?”Teacher’s Activity| Student leads the prayer.“Good morning, Sir Ranie! Good morning classmate. It’s nice to see you today.” The students pick up the pieces of papers and arrange their chairs properly.The secretary checks the attendance.“Yes Sir!”Student expected answer: Our last topic is all about the story entitled “The Parting.”Student’s expected answer: The author of the story is Azona Gale.Student expected answer: The main characters of the story are Bill and Minna.Student’s Activity| “Yes, the two main characters of the story are Bill and...
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