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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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West Visayas State University
College of Education
Division of Professional Education
Principles in Teaching I
Prof. Mae S. Bagsit

A Lesson Plan in Science for Grade IV using Discussion and Deductive Method

I. Objectives
At the end of the period the Grade IV pupils will be able to: 1. To identify the parts of the flower.
2. To separate the parts of the flower.
3. To draw and label the parts of the flower.
4. To differentiate the imperfect flower from perfect flower.

II. Subject Matter
A. Topic:The flower and its parts
B. Reference:Smart Science 4 (Marina E. Balce) p.122-127 C. Materials:
Manila Paper, Cut-outs, bond paper, adhesive tapes, Gumamela flower, chart Powerpoint/LCD & Laptop
D. Value Focus: Appreciation of Flowers, Cooperation, Artistry

III. Teaching-Learning Activities
A. Pre-Activity

a. Review: Review of the Parts of the plant

b. Motivation: Guessing Game
A class will be divided into two groups. A coin will be tossed to determine who will be the first to do the guessing (Head-1st group, Tail-2nd group).The, the point will be given to the first group. Whoever group guesses the most is the winner. The facilitator will show the name of the flower to the group who will describe it. The other group will face the opposite direction from the first group. 30 seconds will be allotted for each item/flower to be guessed. If they fail to guess what flower is being described by the other group the point will be given to the 1st group. Whoever group guesses the most is the winner.

Names of the flower:
GumamelaSquash flower
DaisyGuava Flower

B. Lesson Proper
1. Presentation of the Topic
* Discussion of flower
* Discussion of the parts of the flower
a. Basic Parts
b. Female Reproductive Part
c. Male Reproductive Part

* Classification of types of flower
a) Perfect - A flower having both the male and the female...
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