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Topics: Ecology, Life, Biology Pages: 8 (1820 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Mayor Ramona S. Trillana High School
Sto. Rosario Hagonoy, Bulacan

A Detailed Lesson Plan in English IV
(Fourth Year)

I. Objectives
After the discussion the students will
1. match the words with their meanings accordingly,
2. arrange a sequence of food chain in Ecology as a group, 3. explain ideas about Ecology,
4. write a reflection about the lesson.

II. Learning Task
3.1 Topic: The Scope of Ecology
3.2 Materials:
3.3.1 Reference: Bermudez, Virginia F. Ed.D., Cruz, Josephine M. Ph.D., San Juan, Milagros A. Ph.D., Gorgon, Eugenia R., Nery, Remedios F., English Expressways Textbook for Fourth Year : “The Scope of Ecology” pages 226-227 3.3.2 Materials: video clip, PowerPoint presentation, visual aids, materials for the activity

III. Methodology
4.3 Daily Activities
4.4.3 Prayer/Greeting
Please all rise and let us
start with a prayer. ____
will you lead the prayer?Let us pray, Our father
who art in heaven holy be
your name. . .
Good morning class!
Today is _________

4.4.4 Checking of Attendance/
Secretary, is someone
absent today?I am glad to say that no
one is absent today Ma’am
Very good! Have you collected
the assignments? Please pass
them later to me after class.Yes Ma’am.

4.4.5 Drill
On the board I posted
some words. These words
use the prefix “eco” which
means environment or

At the other side of the board
are some definition that
corresponds to the meaning
of each word.
From its baseword,
can you find the meaning
of each word?

Example: ecology-the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organism to one another and their physical surrounding.

“eco” means environment and “logy” or “logos” means study.

Tourism directed toward exotic often threatened national environments especially, to support conservation efforts.


“eco” and “tourism” combined together means it is a tourism about the environment. A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment


“eco” and “system” combined together means it deals with the system or cycle of environment. Not harmful to the environment.


“eco” and “friendly” combined together means it is something which is good to the environment.

the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organism to one another and their physical surrounding.


“eco” means environment and “logy” or “logos” means study. A person who is usually enthusiastic about the protection and preservation of the environment.


“eco” and “warrior” means someone who protects the environment.

4.4 Preparatory Activities
4.5.6 Motivation
Class, let me ask
you a question, do you
know what Ecology is?
Ecology is the study of
systems of environment.
Very good! Our lesson for
Today is about Ecology
But before we proceed to
the discussion I want you
to watch this short video
clip that I downloaded
from the internet.

What is the video clip about?The video clip is about
Ecology Ma’am!

Very good! So what does the
video says about Ecology?Ecology is the study of
interaction between
living and non-living

Well said! Can you give
example of living and non
living thing that was
discussed in the video?A plant and the sun.

Is there an interaction
between a plant and the
sun?Yes Ma’am! A plant needs
the sun for its food
Very Good! So now that
you understand something
about Ecology, we can now
proceed to our topic.

4.5 Lesson Proper

Teacher’s Activity| Students’ Activity|
4.6.7 IntroductionOur topic for today is about “The Scope of Ecology”, an article from Heinemann Educational Book. I told you to read the text yesterday didn’t I? Did you read the story?Very Good! To...
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