Lesson Plan

Topics: Subcutaneous injection, Safe injection site, Hypodermic needle Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Title: Insulin AdministrationVenue: Medical 3 Nursing Station Aim: To acquire the knowledge and skill of subcutaneous insulin injection Learning Outcome:
At the end of the lesson, student will:
Discuss the nursing implication when nursing patient with insulin injection •Identify sites of subcutaneous insulin administration
Administer subcutaneous insulin injection safely
TimeDurationContentTeacher’s ActivityStudent’s ActivityResources/ Material
14001mini)Introduction to session
ii)Aims and learning outcomeTeacher transmission with direct questioning
Listening with the opportunity to ask questionPowerpoint slides no. 1-2Verbal feedback 14012 minDevelopment 1:
- What is insulin?
- Action of insulin?
- Common types of Insulin Agent that available in the hospitalTeacher transmission with direct questioningAnswering with the opportunity to askPowerpoint slides no. 3-9Verbal feedback 14035 minDevelopment 3:

Nursing implication of administration of insulin
-Patient educationTeacher transmission with direct questioningAnswering with the opportunity to askPowerpoint slides no. 10-12Verbal feedback 14082 minDevelopment 4:
Sites of Subcutaneous Injection
Teacher showing the picture of subcutaneous injection sitesIdentify and name the sites of the subcutaneous injection site PowerPoint slides no 13
Verbal feedback
141015 minDevelopment 5:
Administration of Subcutaneous Insulin Injection
Demonstrate the correct technique of subcutaneous injection Observing with the opportunity to hands on
-Syringe & Needle
-Alcohol Swab
-insulin vial

14253 minDevelopment 6
ConclusionTeacher review the topic and stress the important pointsListening with the opportunity to askN/AN/A 142810 minTestIndividual workn/a-Exam
-Skills demonstration
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