Lesson Plan

Topics: Causality, Water, Love Pages: 33 (3261 words) Published: May 23, 2013
A Detailed Lesson Plan in English (First Year—Secondary)

Prepared By: Naomi Joy Cadungog

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

1. Identify statements that show cause and effect relationship.

2. Read a poem correctly and clearly with expressions.

3. Appreciate reading poems.

4. Decode words with “augh” (o) sounds

II. Subject Matter

Cause and Effect Relationship

Reference/s: Fun in English Reading Textbook pages 94-101

Materials: Visual Aids, Charts, Flash Cards, Pictures, Name Tags

Values: Develop a genuine love for reading, love for family

III. Procedure

A. Learning Activities

| Teacher’s Activity | Student’s Activity | | | | |“Good Morning Class...” |“Good Morning Sir!” | | | | |“Let us pray first...” |(One Student will lead the Prayer) | | | | |(Checking of Attendance) |(Students raise their hand and say present as the teacher | |...say present... |calls in their name) | | | | |“Please pick up the pieces of paper under your chair” |(Students pick up the pieces of paper) | | | | |“So how was your weekend?” | | |“That’s good! Have you enjoyed your weekend bonding with |“It was great sir!” | |your family?” |“Of course sir! It was a lot of fun!” | | | | |“That’s good to know. For this morning, our discussion will | | |be in relation to a family. Are you familiar with Barney’s I|“Yes sir! We love purple-colored dinosaur!” | |Love You Song?” | | | | | |“Okay that’s good, so are you ready to sing and have fun | | |today? |“Yes” |

Warm Up

Let us sing Barney’s I Love You Song.

(Students Sing)

“I love you, you love me and we’re a happy family,

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,

Hope you say you love me too.”

| “Okay now class, What can you say about the song? Does it tell us | | |something important that we...
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