Lesson Plan

Topics: Heart rate, Stanford prison experiment, Heart Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Lesson Plan for Lesson III

Subject Science
ClassThird class
Date25th of May 2013
TimeTen o’clock to seven minutes past ten
StrandLiving things
Strand unitHuman life
LessonExperiments on the heart.

Colouring pencils, coloured paper, scissors, kitchen paper cardboard, sellotape, jar, balloon, skewer, two flexible straws, water, basin to collect water spills. Objectives
The child should be enabled
* to locate the position of the heart in the body and by using their hand made stethoscope identify a heartbeat. * to understand with exercise and with some emotions there is a variation in the heartbeat. * to understand the function of the valve is to ensure the blood flows in only one direction. The valve prevents the backflow of blood.

I will introduce the lesson by

* getting the students to identify a real stethoscope and asking them its function. * identifying where the valves are located on the heart diagram. * I will explain that we are carrying out two experiments to illustrate the functions of the valves in our heart and also an experiment to identify the heartbeat and how the beat can vary. * splitting the class into two groups – each group will carry out an experiment. * giving the students each a role with instructions to which they most carry out in their individual groups.

Step 1
Distribute the roles and instructions and materials to each group. In the groups each student is giving a role time keeper and reader, recorder, presenter and doer. The time keeper must ensure that they get the task done on time and also reads the instructions out to the doer, the recorder writes down the observations they gained from carrying out the experiment, the presenter gathers the information and presents it to the rest of the class and the doer follows the readers instructions and carry’s out the experiment. Step 2

Spend time with each group and ensure that they...
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