Lesson Plan

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The constructivist approach

Deposit (What I learned)| Dividends (How I use what I learned in my life)| * I’ve learned that teaching is a process of helping learners to construct their own meaning from experience they have by providing those experiences and guiding the meaning-making process. * I learned that constructivism is knowledge that cannot be simply transmitted by the teacher to the student it should be experience.| * As a future teacher I should engage the student in meaningful learning. * We should used technologies to engage students in active, constructive, intentional, authentic and cooperative learning.|

Constructivism is the way people create meaning of the world through a series of individual constructs.

Constructivists are constructed not transmitted.
Cone of experience
Deposit (What I learned)| Dividends (How I use what I learned in my life)| * I learned that Cone of experience is a visual model, a pictorial device that present bands of experience arranged according to degree of abstraction and not degree of difficulty. The farther you go from the bottom of the cone, the more abstract the experience becomes. * ‘’the individual bands of the cone of experience stand for experiences that are fluid, extensive, and continually interact.| * We can vary cone of experience with many other types of learning activities. * We can use of the cone of experience in teaching our student. * Using educational television and motion pictures in teaching is a big help to the teacher because it can reconstruct the reality of the so effectively that we are made to feel we are there.|

Dale’s Cone of Experience is a model that incorporates several theories related to instructional design And learning processes.

The cone is based on the relationships...
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