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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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The Goals in Effective Professional Development
1. Professional development enriches teaching and improves learning for all students. It is an essential link to higher student achievement. 2. Professional development supports systematic chance.

3. Professional development addresses goals for school teacher’s administrators, students, parents, related to reform efforts. 4. Professional development supports teacher’s development both as individuals and as an educator. 5. Professional development is considered a central part of teaching is vital as classroom instruction. 6. Professional development is considered an ongoing process and is conducted in a long term sustained manner. 7. Professional development supports current belief about teaching and learning. Community members, business people, policy makers, and the public large can do the following thins to improve professional development. 8. The entire school community is committed to continued growth and development of teachers in order to improve teaching and learning for all students. 9. The entire school community is supportive of calendar and schedule and changes to accommodate professional development activities 10. The entire school community is committed to making change to improve education. The Teachers and Administrators can work together and do the following things to improve professional development: 1. Teachers and administrators are effective learning models and frameworks for designing professional development and personal growth experiences. 2. Teachers and administrators create a school culture in which teachers feel free to critically assess their own practice. 3. Teachers and administrators examine and discuss current attitudes toward professional development. 4. Teachers and administrators create a school improvement teams that design activities to create learning organizations. 5. Teachers and administrators examine the goals of the current school improvement plan and adapt them to...
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