Lesson Plan

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Vũ Thị Thu Trang - 09040724 – 14/09/1991
1. Class description
* 24 Grade 11 students (Ss), boys and girls, CNN High School * Level: Intermediate – Upper intermediate
2. Time
* 45 minutes
3. Objectives
* Skill: practice and enhance expressing their preferences by using a variety of expressions such as I prefer, I would rather … * By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to talk in more depth about their hobby. 4. Assumed knowledge

* Ss already know some words and structures about expressing preferences. 5. Anticipated problem(s)
* There may be shortage of time, so the teacher should prepare a good and easy-to-understand instruction. * Ss may find difficulty in using alternative expressions to express their preferences. 6. Teaching aids:

* Textbook.

Stage| Teacher| Students|
Warm-up(7mins)| * Have Ss listen to “The lazy song” to list out as many activities that the character in the song wants/ doesn’t want to do as possible. The winner is person who has the most correct answers.Show the answer: He wants to/ He will (9)| He doesn’t want to/ He won’t (6)| * Lay in his bed * Kick his feet up * Stare at the fan * Turn the TV on * Throw his hand down his pants * Lie on the couch * Chill in his snuggie * Click to MTV * Strike in his birthday suite| * Do anything * Pick up his phone * Wake up do some P90X * Meet a nice girl, have a nice sex * Mess around, get his college degree * Comb his hair|

| * Listen carefully to the song and note down.|
Pre-speaking (5mins)| * Introduce the new lesson: Unit 12- Speaking 1. Introduction to expressions to express preferences. (3mins) * Have Ss work in groups and note down expressions used to express likes and dislikes. * Call one student to go to the board to write his/ her answer at the same time. * Supply Ss with more expressions. Likes|...
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