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Topics: Newspaper, Good and evil, Mass media Pages: 5 (1088 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Name: Clive Elsmore Lesson Focus: Grammar,

Date: 29 Mar 2012 Reading, Writing,

TP No: 5 / Stage 2 Speaking,

CAMBRIDGE ESOL CELTA LESSON PLAN Level: Upper Intermediate Vocabulary.


Main Aim By the end of the lesson the students will be  reading and listening for gist, specific information and meaning

Subsidiary Aim By the end of the lesson the students will be  more aware of correct use of uncountable nouns  more aware of some of the roles/titles of journalists in the media

Personal Aims  Give clear and concise instructions  Give plenty student talking time  Correct pronunciation errors and give encouragement  Go faster and keep on schedule

Assumptions (What you think the students will know about the topic, the grammar, the skill)  Ss will be reasonably familiar with content of newspapers or can predict

Anticipated Problems and Solutions (for the students, not you) Problem Solution Ss may not know pron of job titles of the Spend a minute drilling pron 1 various journalists Ss may struggle with vocab of listening Listen out for general difficulties and explain where necessary 2 task 3 4 Materials: Self made. OHTs are based on New English File, OUP, ISBN 978-0-19-451842-0, section 5C Lead-In with self-made video. Edited http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwHj_rbMuxM (child reading newspaper) with audio track “It's Good News Week” by Hedgehoppers Anonymous, 1965 OHT1 Word grammar of “News” - as uncountable noun OHT2 Match definition to job title OHT3 Irving Wardle, Theatre Critic OHT3c Questions for Theatre Critic OHT4 Questions for War Reporter listening task OHT5 (in reserve) A-newspapers, B-celebrities - debate right to privacy CD - New English File, OUP, ISBN 978-0-19-451842-0, Track 5.16 Language Analysis and Vocabulary News: Although the word news has an -s on the end, it is an uncountable noun, so: ▪ it is never used in the plural (the news was, not the news were) ▪ it does not follow 'a' (it can follow some, the etc.)

Procedure: What are you and the students going to do? Would another teacher be able to teach from this? Stage Focus Interaction Time Stage Aim Procedure T-Ss 2.5 Create interest Lead in with the music video of cute toddler reading a newspaper to background of “Good News Week” by Hedgehoppers Anonymous (1965) 1 Lead In What's the little girl reading? (newspaper) What might you read in a newspaper? (news) Do you read a newspaper? (Yes, No, I watch TV, radio etc) Ss-T Personalise T-Ss-T 7.5 Start to orient Ss to task Where else can you find news? (TV, Radio, Internet, friends, posters). Write down Newspaper, TV, Radio, Internet These things are called ? [circling Newspaper, TV, Radio, Internet] (MEDIA or MASS MEDIA) Uncountable nouns What types of words are media and news ? (nouns) Focus on Word Grammar



Can you count them? (no) So they are? (uncountable nouns). Put OHT1 on OHP showing only 1 and 2 (rest hidden) Look at this exercise. Chest OHT1 1. Can you say “There ARE good news in the newspaper?” What should you say? 2. Can you say “I have A really exciting news for you!”? What should you say? (I have some really or I have really...) 2,2,2,2,2 Work in pairs, correct these sentences. Give out OHT1. You have one minute. Nominate, complete the answers on OHT1


Stage Focus

Interaction Time T-Ss-T

Stage Aim


Focus on Vocabulary S-S Ss-T T-Ss


Procedure Put up OHT2a. Point to job titles. Here are some job titles Practise pron (commentator etc) Here are the job definitions I want you to match the definitions to the job titles. Hide definitions B - H. Let's do A (Do Paparazzi) Working in pairs, you do the others. 2,2,2,2 Give out OHT2b 2 minutes > 1 minute > Stop Nominate, complete answers on OHT2. We're going to read about a person who writes for newspapers. Show Wordle. Look at these words. Can you find this person's job title? (theatre critic) With your partner, discuss what might be one good thing and one bad thing...
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