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Lesson Plan – The World Around Us

Session leader/ teacher : Vanda Repka
Substitue teacher: Réka Seress
Place of the sesssion/period: Bp. ELTE TÓK
Date/time of the session:
Age group: 3-6 years

Type of the activity: The active discovery of the world around us/ science Content of the development: Transportation

Tasks of the developments
a) Developing scientifical knowlege : The different forms of transportation, and what you would have to do to use that particular type of transportation . Classroom activities are offered for sub-units of instruction in the areas of air, rail/road, and water transportation. Exapmle : What is your favourite type of transportation? What kind of transportation have you used ?0 Song and games of transportation

b) Educational developmental tasks: Make children aware of what does it mean – transportarion. Make children aware of type of transportation . Talk about what kind of transportation we use daily and how we use it .

c) Developing body sceme : Developing fine skill, global skill, movement coordination ,balance ,fastness, and spatial organization with slow / big movements involve the whole body , directing attention to each other .

d) Development of perception : Developing visual and auditive memory .Developing the visual and auditive intersensorical cross channel. Developing the visual-verbal intersensorical cross channels .Developing visual and auditive short term and long term memory and listening skills.

e) Development of movements : Developing eye – hand – feet coordination . Developing the ability to follow verbal commands . Developing movement coordination , gross motor coordination.

f) Verbal development : enrich vocabulary , encouraging to use „concept” words of the content of the activity

g) Mathemetical development : Practicing ordinal numbers – counting to 10 by song .

Type of the development: mixed

Methods of the...
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