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Topics: Polygon, Geometry, Lesson plan Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics III

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
1. Identify what is a polygon
2. Enumerate the types of polygon
3. Differentiate convex and con-cave.
4. Illustrate the different polygons using the Geo-board. II. Subject Matter
Reference: Solid Geometry, Geometry
Materials: Book, Graphing paper, pencil ,ruler, geo board III. Procedure

A. Learning Activities
Teacher’s activity| Student’s activity|
“Good morning class”Let us pray first(Checking the attendance)“Before we start a new lesson, let we have first a recap on our last topic)“Do you have any idea of our topic today?”Presentation“Okay our topic for today is all about the polygons its types and kinds”Discussion“Okay, open your book on page 35“vanz kindly read what is all about the polygons”“very good vanz” “okay here is the other definition of polygon”“ polygon are plane figures that has many sides”“ okay what are the types of polygons”“very good carina”“Can you define convex and a concave polygon?”Can we follow?Application“okay, on the board, plot the following convex polygons: a. square b. rectangle c. trapezoid d. parallelogram“and now let us plot the polygons that are concave’’ a. irregular shapes b. star c. heart| “Good morning sir” (one student will lead the prayer)(Student raise their hand and say present as teacher calls in their name )(Students, raise their hand and the teacher will call them to give summary)(Students will give their reaction)(Student will read the book)(vanz) Sir, polygons came from the greek “poly” means many and “gono” means sides.“student will listen attentively”(Students, raise their hand and the teacher will call them the types)(carina) Sir, the types of polygons are the concave and the convex polygon (Angeline) Sir convex polygons are those figures that when you connect the edge it will fall inside the figure while those concave...
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