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Natchitoches Parish School Board WAC: Writing Across The Curriculum

Include in Weekly Lesson Plans 1. GLE objective: Write/state the GLE in behavioral terms. Ex: TLW interpret literary devices (puns and analogies) orally and in writing. Grade 7 - ELA GLE #3 2. Motivation: Write what you will do to grab or “hook” the student's attention. 3. Brain-based Strategies: Name the strategies you will use during your teaching presentation (Input, Modeling, and Checking for Understanding) 4. Guided Activities: Name opportunities planned for student to demonstrate a grasp of new learning by participating in an activity under the teacher's direct supervision. 5. Assessment: Determination of whether students “got it” or not. (observation, student demonstration, question/feedback, product) 6. Independent Activity: Reinforcement practice to apply something learned Check students writing for the following: Ideas: Writing is clear and focused Organization: Enhances central idea Sentence Fluency: Writing has easy flow rhythm, and cadence. Word Choice: Words convey intended message Voice: Speaks directly to reader Conventions: Grasp of grammar, subject-verb agreement, other lang. mechanics Presentation: Enhances readers ability to connect with writing The Writing Process Prewriting: graphic organizers lists, webbing/mapping/clustering (plan it) Writing: Rough Draft - Don't stop once you start - let the ideas flow -revise later. Editing: Spelling, capitalization, punctuation grammar, sentence structure, subject/verb agreement, word usage, consistent verb tense, other mechanics Revising: ARRR (adding, rearranging, removing replacing) improve it. Publishing: Center title, margins even, neat, student checks quality using rubric

Brain-Based Strategies
1. Brainstorming/Disussion 2. Games 3. Humor 4. Metaphor/Analogy/Simile 5. Movement 6. Project/Problem-Based Instruction 7. Roleplay/Drama/Pantomime/Charades 8. Technology 9. Visuals 10. Drawing/Artwork 11. Graphic Organizers/Semantic/Word Maps 12. Manipulatives/Experiments/Labs/Models 13. Mnemonic Devices 14. Music/Rhythm/Rhyme/Rap 15. Reciprocal Teaching/Cooperative Learning 16. Storytelling 17. Visualization/Guided Imagery 18. Writing Journals






Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs
Knowledge: Count, Define, Describe, Draw, Find, Identify, Label, List, Match, Name, Quote, Recall, Recite, Sequence, Tell, Write Comprehension: Conclude, Demonstrate, Discuss, Explain, Generalize, Identify, Illustrate, Interpret, Paraphrase, Predict, Report, Restate, Review, Summarize, Tell Application: Apply, Change, Choose, Compute, Dramatize, Interview, Prepare, Produce, Role-play, Select, Show, Transfer, Use Analysis: Analyze, Characterize, Classify, Compare, Contrast, Debate, Deduce, Diagram, Differentiate, Discriminate, Distinguish, Examine, Outline, Relate, Research, Separate Synthesis: Compose, Construct, Create, Design, Develop, Integrate, Invent, Make, Organize, Perform, Plan, Produce, Propose, Rewrite Evaluation: Appraise, Argue, Assess, Choose, Conclude, Critic, Decide, Evaluate, Judge, Justify, Predict, Prioritize, Prove, Rank, Rate, Select

Week Of




Grade Level MONDAY
Subject English III & Unit






Period 1, 2, 4 Subject & Unit
English III

Research paper is a topic that deals with different topics on differenct subjects such as history, social situations, and human behaviors.


1, 2, 4

Objective(s) / GLE Numbers / CCSS

Objective(s) / GLE Numbers / CCSS

PASS Practice



Motivation / Introduction / Beginning “I Do”

Motivation / Introduction / Beginning “I Do”

Note pages Citations correct PASS Practice



Engagement Strategies

Engagement Strategies

Partner for research paper Graphic Organizers. One on one help....
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