Lesson for Accidental Profession

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Lesson for Accidental Profession
J.K Pinto and O.P. Kharbanda has tried bring out the importance of a Project Manager in a firm whereas most other focus on the project management to accomplish the unique outcomes with limited resources under critical time constraints. Even though Project Management is the future international business and is one of the powerful tool with cross functional expertise which leads to success of the organization, but at the same time unfortunately we are neglecting the fact the Project Managers are the driving force of behind any successful Project Management or launch of product or service technology. Project Manager are the ones who procures skills and ideas but lack in connecting these ideas and capabilities of the project with the upcoming generations leaders. Authors demands that the project manager should be considered with equal importance in the management , even if they don’t attain the authority in the management, project managers are the leaders where who has determination, ability to motive their subordinates, promotes techniques & ideas, creates a vision for the project and finding solutions. Project Managers are limited to authority level like they cannot provide incentives or rewards but they can give directions and influence the teams members. Thus the Project Managers are termed as an “Accidental Profession”. I rate this article as a great example of how a Project Manager should be treated and how to keep going through out the project so as to encourage them to put their best foot forward. I have personally seen managers struggling to find their ways to cut down the budget , limit within the constraints, being pressurized from their boss to increase the productivity with limited resources (the triple constraint rule) etc, putting the project managers to such a situation which leads them to wrong decision making and cannot perform to their best. Even in the top hierarchy level senior managers are even...
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