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3. Multigrade Teaching
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 Objectives of Multigrade Teaching
3.1.2 Meaning of Multigrade Teaching
3.1.3 Multilevels of Teaching
3.1.4 Necessity of Multigrade Teaching
3.1.5 Level of Multigrade Teaching in other Countries
3.1.6 Teacher’s problems in Multigrade teaching
3.2 Approaches of Activity Based Learning
3.2.1 Uses of Activity Based Learning
3.2.2 Learners’ benefits in Multigrade Teaching
3.3 Multigrade Teaching techniques
3.3.1 Direct Observation
3.3.2 Teaching relevant subjects
3.3.3 Multigrade Teaching Climate
3.4 Students’ group formation
3.4.1 Group formation – Points to ponder
3.4.2 Combined classes
3.4.3 Seating arrangements
3.5 Planning for Learning occurrence
3.5.1 Learning occurrence – Time Table
3.5.2 Learning occurrences
3.5.3 Combined classes Teaching
3.5.4 Works of group leader

Utilisation of the services of the society / Non – Government Organizations


Teachers’s multifold works in multigrade climate



Learning includes all activities that stimulate student’s physical, mental, spiritual and personality development. The primary objective of Sarva Siksha Abayan (SSA) is to admit all children in the school and provide quality education and make them complete 8th Std by 2010 without dropouts. Multi grade teaching is practised not only in India but also in different parts of the world. It is not viable to appoint teachers for each class, where the admission is between 50 & 60 students in a school. In this type of situation, it becomes essential for a teacher to handle more grades at the same time. So, in these schools, the students completely depend on the teachers.

If students are

involved in their learning process, they can learn on their own. The teacher has to create apt Learning climate for individual learning and group learning. The teacher can assist the students in the learning activities at regular intervals. Multigrade teaching environment is prevalent in most of the schools in our country. So, when a teacher handles many grades, Activity based learning, peer learning & class room learning must take place for effective learning in the classroom. The teacher has to adapt all the techniques available for a natural and involved learning. The important duty of a teacher is to make every learner involve in learning activities without wasting students’ time. With the help of the gifted children, the other students are made to involve in their learning activities. Multi grade teaching, involves teaching learning activities, production of teaching learning materials, planning and organizing etc,.

3.1.1 Objectives of Multigrade Teaching
Teaching two grades or more than two grades at the same time by teacher in a class room, is known as multi grade teaching. The Multi grade teaching is not a new concept in our system of education. This system was followed in our traditional ‘Gurukul’ method. Even today, this multi grade teaching is being practiced in many schools. The absence of a teacher should not diminish the students learning achievements. The teacher has to adapt many techniques and approaches to help the learners of different grades in a same class room. This is the main objective of multi grade teaching.


Meaning of Multigrade Teaching
Teaching more than one grade at the same time in a class room by a teacher

is called multi grade teaching.


Multilevel Teaching
Teaching of students or groups having different level of achievements in a

class room by a teacher at a same time is called Multi level Teaching. In multilevel teaching, a teacher teaches the content to the students of different learning levels or skills or abilities. All learners do not possess the same level of learning ability. As a result, a teacher applies appropriate technology, approach, technique, and learning method to enhance the students’ achievement skills in multilevel teaching.


Necessity of...
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