Les Miserables the Movie Critique

Topics: Les Misérables, Singing, Death Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Les Miserables Critique
The musical Les Miserables has captured the hearts of its viewers for many years now with its depressive songs and story. After having seen the movie adaptation, someone should know why. Aesthetically, the film was beautiful. The silly vibrant colors of the despicably comical Thénardiers scenes was an amusing and relieving contrast to the dull, miserable colors of almost every other scene in the movie. Compositionally, there are a few scenes that would stick out in a viewer’s memory. The beginning when all the prisoned French criminals are towing in a ship to shore has a grand, massive feel to it. Audiences see a monstrously huge ship, and then hundreds of people that seem no bigger than ants in comparison, but because there are so many of them it just adds another level of largeness to the composition. Another that stands out and is also used in the trailer, is the scene where Cosette sings “In My Life.” She stands in front of a series of panels that are painted with elegant, fragile looking roses. She is not centered, but to the far left of the frame, and overall it just looks beautiful. The colors are warm and set out a loving, hopeful vibe. There isn’t much to the image; it is simple and sweet. A third shot that really makes a visual impact is the one at the very end, when everybody sings “Do You Hear The People Sing?” Like the first scene, it is massive. All the dead characters, and there are a lot of them, stand behind a barricade as big as the Great Wall of China, all made from the same sort of material they had used in the barricade from when they were alive. The barricade they had made for themselves when they were alive, however, was so small and pitiful in comparison, made from furniture that the citizens of France either willingly or unwillingly gave up. So to see this enormous barricade and the hundreds of people all singing behind it was breathtaking. It was cloudy, and bright blue, with a heavenly feel to it that made...
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