Les Miserables

Topics: Les Misérables, Jean Valjean, Thénardiers Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Habib Velazquez
February 14, 2013
Period 2
AP English 3

Les Miserables Essay

After having watched the movie, Les Miserables, I believe Jean Valjean helped Cosette more than hindered her to become an adult. Valjean is known for being a convict and due to that, Cosette and himself never really lived a normal life without having to move constantly. Although, Valjean was a convict, he proved to be someone else, maybe not by his looks, but from his heart. Valjean took care of Cosette as if she were his own daughter. The love that he had given to her is what made her grow up into an adult. If one recalls, when Valjean had arrived into Thenardier's home, Valjean payed them for Cosette to play. With this action Valjean demonstrated, he proved that Cosette was going to have a childhood. He was taking away that harsh environment Cosette was living in. He was giving her a new start in life and that was portrayed through a doll he had given her, which was his first gift to her. Everything has a process, and it starts with childhood, which is what Valjean had given to her. Another way Valjean helped Cosette was by giving her schooling. Education was a must for Cosette. School not only expands students' minds, but clarifies some things that parents may not be able to explain. Besides schooling, Valjean gave her his love. He even had a stand where he and Cosette would give the poor food. This is a demonstration of a sense of morality that Valjean had proven to Cosette. Valjean was like an example for Cosette and he always decided on what was best, mainly for Cosette. Although, Valjean did help Cosette grow up to become an adult, he had also hindered her a bit. One way he hindered her was by moving a lot. Cosette never really created a stable relationship and always had to create new ones while they were on the run from the police, who were after Valjean. Valjean had also subconsciously managed to restrict Cosette's love for him. When he noticed...
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