Les Miserables

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Analysis of Les Miserable’s

By Victor Hugo


The story beautifully begins with the miserable life of Jean Valjean. He was imprisoned for nineteen years for the reason of, he stole loaf of bread in wanting to feed his sister’s starving children. After receiving the parole, Valjean searched for a job. The society doesn’t accept him for he was a convicted. Fortunately, Valjean met Bishop Myriel. This Bishop let him stay in his house and gave him something to eat. Behind of his goodness, Valjean still stole silvers from him. Then the rangers caught him and brought him to the house of Bishop. Instead of madness, the Bishop helped Valjean and presented two lampstands as a gift and afterwards Valjean decided to live a new.

In order to be accepted in the society, Valjean changed his identity. He was known as Monsieur Madeleine owning two Factories in Paris. He became one of the richest people in his area. Fantine worked in Valjean’s factory. She was fired for some misconception and suddenly, became a prostitute to feed her daughter Cosette. Eventually, Fantine got ill. She still worked while she has high fever. One costumer forced her to do something, Fantine hit the man. In this scene, Javert the ranger inspector tries to arrest Fantine, she explained the reason why she hit the man but Javert rejected her explanation. Valjean came and quarrelled against Javert wanting Fantine to set free because of her condition. Valjean brought Fantine to the hospital. In the hospital, Fantine hallucinated seeing her daughter in nowhere. Valjean came. In Fantine’s last breath, she gave the authority to Valjean to take care of her daughter. Cosette became slave in Thenardiers house. Monsieur and Madame Thenardiers mistreated her. Luckily, Valjean came to save Cosette while Javert hunt him. Valjean sent Cosette in school. Years after, Cosette became pretty matured girl, Marius Pontmercy, the son of Georges Pontmercy, a colonel in Napoléon’s army, attracts to Cosette’s beauty. The romantic side of the story is being shown. Valjean’s doesn’t want Marius for Cosette. He took those letters for Cosette and secretly situated it in one place. Eponine, Marius friend and the daughter of Thenardiers, is blindly in love to Marius. Her aspiration is to be her friend’s lover. Because of being the elder, she is a spoiled daughter always satisfies for all she desires except her love.

Moreover, the climax begins in the rebellion of the people towards French government in order to have equal existence in the soceity. Many citizens were died. The dramatically event is perfectly shown through this event. The most heart captivating event gives more of interest in reading especially when a young brave boy died. The story goes entertaining when Valjean and Javert met. Javert became a captive of French citizens, Valjean was allowed to kill Javert but he doesn’t do. He just brightly portrayed that he kills Javert. At the end of the day, while Valjean was hardly saving the life of Marius, Javert trapped them. With conscience, he let them pass. Javert realized how cruel he is, knowing that he came in a miserable life having convicted parents. He was born inside the jail and when he became mature, he disowned his parents. Javert killed himself, another misery. Days after, Valjean talked to Marius and Cosette separatety. In his conversation with Cosette, he gave those sicret letters og Marius. Valjean uttered to Marius his present condition. He gave permission to marry Cosette then he left. When Cosette had realized that his father is suffering in sickness through Marius, she immediately run to the Church where Valjean’s stayed. Then Valjean Died. The most reason why it was entitled Les Miserables is because of the lives of those people who fought for their country, they died without having what they want, the indepence.


Main Characters

• Cosette- Protagonist. Fantine’s daughter and Valjean’s adopted child....
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