Les Miserable

Topics: Les Misérables, Jean Valjean, Fantine Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: November 3, 2011
* Nonconsequentialist-not based on or concerned with consequences.  * Jean Valjean embezzles some bread. He did not predict the consequences of embezzling and not embezzling. * Jean Valjean tried to escape from prison and wasn't concern about what could happen. * Jean Valjean embezzle some silverware from the Bishop. After the Bishop took him in. * Fantine lies about her illegitimate child to get a job at the factory. Once they fought out she got fired. * Fantine joined a group of whores in selling herself. She did not think of the consequences of her action. Even though she was doing it to support her illegitimate child. * Consequentialisms

* Valjean was unable to see an innocent man go to prison in his place. He confesses to the court that he is the right prisoner. * Free will and determinism
* Javert was determining to put Jean Valjean in jail.
* Jean Valjean was determining to help others who might face the same situation, or any difficulty. * Javert is determined to do what is regarded as ethical. To prove himself worthy, and to compensate for what he as his parents unethical doings. Javert

* His unwillingness to change or recognize another way of looking at things. * He has total faith in the system of rules he represent, and by extension, total faith in himself. * He lives by society's rule and principles.

* Indeed to show tolerance and understanding might even be considered a weakness when applying to the law. * He doesn’t have the tolerance or forgiveness to accept his own mistakes and move on. He sees that he may have been mistaken in his judgment of Valjean. * He felt it was a simple decision- dog eat dog, hunt or be hunted. He never wasted a moment on making the right ethical decision. Something was either ethical or unethical the law does not take motive into consideration. * He did not care about anybody, but what the law says.

Jean Valjean
* He doubts and questions himself at virtually...
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